How One San Diego Reporter May Deal With ‘FHRITP’

By Kevin Eck 

We’ve all heard, read and or experienced the lame viral trend known as FHRITP, where someone yells “F*ck Her Right in the P*ssy” while a reporter is doing a live shot.

The Wrap reports, one San Diego ABC affiliate KGTV reporter said she may have a solution. has enacted a policy that will, hopefully, put an end to the lame viral trend forever.

“When we get to a place, if we have to go live, we now have to kind of scan the area and see who’s around,” KGTV’s Emily Valdez told TheWrap. “If it looks like we’re going to get hecklers, we will tape it now to do what’s called a ‘look live,’” which, she explained, is a pre-taped segment that looks live but isn’t. “That’s something we didn’t have to do before.”


And what sort of person, you may ask, is most likely to raise the FHRITP red flag? “It’s usually white guys, late high school or college-type young people doing it,” said Valdez.

*a previous version called it a policy change. Valdez and the author of TheWrap article let me know in no uncertain terms it was not a station policy. Apologies to those I have offended.