High-Energy Morning Personality Mark Mathis Out at Sacramento’s KMAX

By Andrew Gauthier 

High-energy morning specialist Mark Mathis, who was abruptly fired last August by Charlotte’s WCCB, has departed KMAX‘s “Good Day Sacramento” after just a few months with the CW-affiliate.

Following his dismissal from WCCB, Mathis joined KMAX at the end of 2010 as a reporter-anchor for the station’s personality-driven morning show. Sources now confirm that Mathis’s brief tenure with the station ended last month.

During his time at KMAX, Mathis displayed the same kind of go-for-broke hijinks that he became famous for in Charlotte but sources say that his act quickly wore thin with station management.


On one occasion, Mathis referred to a cop who had recently pulled him over as a “jerk-off” on the air and, in another, concerned viewers wrote in to the station following a segment in which Mathis wildly waved a chainsaw around.

With the latest exit, Mathis has become nearly as well know for his rocky tenures with stations as he has for his flamboyant on-air personality. According to the Charlotte Observer, Mathis was previously fired by WCCB in 2004 after a two-year stint in which he struggled with alcohol. After briefly working for the CBS-affiliate in Grand Junction, CO, Mathis returned to WCCB but again lasted only two years.

Here’s a Best Of video of Mathis’s time with WCCB:

An here’s the segment following Mathis’s chainsaw incident on KMAX: