Here’s Why Charlo Greene’s Getting So Much Face Time Today

By Mark Joyella 

It’s hard to forget Charlo Greene, the Alaska reporter who crashed a live newscast by saying “f— it, I quit,” walking off the set and into viral video fame. That flame burned out, but today, she’s lighting up again. We spotted pictures of Greene smoking a joint on Yahoo! News, The Economist, and ABC News. What gives?

Turns out, it’s Legalization Day in Alaska. The state became the third in the U.S. to legalize recreational marijuana, and today the law goes into effect. For better or worse, Greene, who had reported on the issue and also worked behind the scenes in support of the law’s passage, has become one of the marijuana movement’s public faces.  She tells the Yahoo! News she’ll celebrate at 4:20 this afternoon with a smoke.

shirt_displayEven if you’re not in Alaska, you can join the fun by purchasing one of the t-shirts (perhaps the “f-it I quit” shirt?) offered by Greene’s company, Alaska Cannabis Club.