Healthcare Vote Defies Chris Matthews’ Prediction

By Andrew Gauthier 

Los Angeles Times

There seems to be a misconception among some of Chris Matthews‘ guests. Because they have been invited on “Hardball” and put in front of a microphone, they think they will not only be asked questions, but also get a chance to answer them.

If they had been paying much attention, they would know that MSNBC’s fantastically frenetic host often uses questions like a tennis player uses a backboard. Once he gets the ball back in his own court, he spins it, slices it, pounds it, to his heart’s content.

Matthews has become such a self-parody it’s not clear people notice anymore. But that changed this week with the passage of healthcare reform and the YouTube recycling of a volley, notable even by Matthews standards as overweening, blustery and just plain wrong. More…