‘He Fired at Me’: WFSB Cameraman Runs From Suspect in Manhunt

By Kevin Eck 

With his camera rolling, a WFSB cameraman crossed paths with the armed subject of a police manhunt in a Connecticut neighborhood and lived to talk about it.

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In the video you can hear the cameraman for the Hartford CBS affiliate yell to reporter Kim Lucey, “Kim. He’s right here.” You then see the suspect, Andrew Samuolis, wearing a bullet proof vest and holding a gun in his hand as he appears from behind some trees. Samuolis sees the cameraman and points the gun at his own head. The cameraman yells, “Shit,” and runs away as the gunman fires a shot. Seconds later several shots can be heard. When the cameraman gets to his van he says, “He fired at me.”

Lucey later tweeted, “Just saw the suspect fire shots – my photographer and I hit the ground, called 911.

The manhunt started when Willimantic, CT, police went to Samuolis’ house to check on the welfare of his father. The station said Samuolis shot an officer and escaped into the woods.

After police subdued Samuolis, they found a badly decomposed body inside his house. The Hartford Courant reported, Samuolis admitted to killing his father in February.

State police continue to investigate the shootings Tuesday in Willimantic. Andrew Samuolis, who remains jailed in lieu of $1 million bail, is charged with shooting at three state troopers during the massive manhunt that followed the shooting of the Willimantic officer. He has not yet been charged with shooting the officer or with killing his father.

TVSpy has reached out to WFSB for comment.  We will update when we hear back.

Here’s a WFSB story about the incident:
WFSB Channel 3
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