Has it Begun? AI Anchor Starts Working at Station in India

By Kevin Eck 

TV broadcasters now have another thing to worry about, along with aging, attacks on local journalists and ratings: Artificial Intelligence.

Indian media group India Today has introduced an AI female anchor named Sana who will do daily news updates several times a day in multiple languages. Sana will also host a daily topical show where she will be able to interact with the audience.

During the India Today Conclave 2023, Kalli Purie, the vice chair of the India Today Group, unveiled Sana. Purie and referred to her as a “bright, gorgeous, ageless, tireless” robot who is capable of speaking in multiple languages and is entirely under her control.


The Aaj Tak (a Hindi news channel) AI-powered Sana has already appeared on-air.

Purie said Sana “will not diminish the brilliance of real-life anchors, as they will be mentoring her” while acknowledging the future is both “fascinating and frightening.”