Harrisburg Meteorologist Slams Social Media Weather Doubters

By Kevin Eck 

brett thackaraWHTM‘s Brett Thackara sounds like a man who has had enough of forecast doubters and do-it-yourself meteorologists on social media.

The meteorologist for the Harrisburg, PA, ABC affiliate introduced a new segment to his show called “Social Mediarologists.” There are two parts. The station took the facebook posts down since we originally posted this story.

One example? In part one, Thackara skewered a commenter named Jeremy who wrote, “Why do you people always have these predictions so low??” Thackara responded, “If by ‘you people’ you mean us meteorologists, it’s because we have degrees and went to school for four years and paid a lot of money to understand how the atmosphere works.”

Viewer reaction? One facebook commenter wrote, “Wow way to insult your viewers. This was super unprofessional. Oh and FYI just because you have a degree doesn’t mean you know what you are doing plenty of people bs their way through college.”