Government Sues CBS Station For Age Discrimination

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

The CBS station group in Texas is being sued by the government for age discrimination. The suit claims KTVT, the Dallas-Fort Worth station, didn’t give longtime traffic anchor, Tammy Dambeck, a full-time position because of her age.

According to the Star-Telegram, Dombeck started freelancing for the station in 2013 and her duties increased in 2014 when CBS 11’s morning traffic anchor left.

The job requirements listed for the position said that the “ideal candidate” would have a strong knowledge of traffic in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and that applicants “must have at least 5 years professional broadcasting experience.”


Channel 11 went on to hire a 24-year-old Chelsey Davis who, according to the suit, didn’t have five years of professional broadcasting experience or any broadcast experience in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Before Dombeck started at Channel 11 she worked at KXAS, the NBC affiliate in Dallas.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s suit claims Dombeck wasn’t hired because of her age.

Lori Conrad, the station’s director of communication, told the Star Telegram “KTVT respectfully disagrees with the EEOC’s current assessment and looks forward to resolving this matter.”