Google Offers to Run White Space for FCC

By Andrew Gauthier 

PC World

Google is soliciting the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for the company to be an administrator of a database that would allow devices to access broadband Internet on unlicensed TV signal spectrum, known as “white spaces.”

The position is a reversal for Google, whichsaid in February 2009 that it did not plan to be an administrator.


The database, which could have several providers, is needed to ensure devices do not cause interference with nearby signals used for TV broadcasts. In November 2008, the FCC approved the use of devices at powers of up to 100 milliwatts on the white space spectrum or up to 40 milliwatts on spectrum adjacent to operating TV stations.

White space wireless could give Internet providers a more affordable way to deploy broadband services in rural areas unlikely to see the major fiber deployments that have brought broadband Internet access to cities. More…