Prancercise with ‘Good Morning Wyoming’

By Kevin Eck 

We know it’s a month old, but good comedy never goes out of style. The crew at KTWO‘s “Good Morning Wyoming” took a CNN story about the latest internet sensation that is sweeping the nation called Prancercise to another level.

With the Casper, WY, ABC affiliate’s anchor Andrew Lofholm and fitness trainer Karri Snow floating above footage of Prancercise founder Joanna Rohrback doing her thing, co-anchor Ali Bradley and meteorologist John Shrable showed their best Prancercise moves.


Lofholm told TVSpy, “Originally they wanted all three of us to get up there and dance. I didn’t think I had it in me so was it decided that I would be, what our News Director dubbed, the “Tom Bergeron” of the segment.  Give credit to Ali and John for being able to put themselves out there like that and dance.”

Snow suggested the pair needed athletic shoes so they wouldn’t roll their ankles and maybe some white pants to maximize the burn, while Lofholm at one point asked the two, “What exactly are you guys doing?” as if one could Prancercise wrong.