GoFundMe Site Using Louisville Anchor’s Name Taken Down

By Kevin Eck 

Last week, we told you about WAVE anchor Dawne Gee who learned she has another health challenge to overcome just months after having part of her kidney removed because of cancer.

This week, Louisville Business Journal reports, someone started a GoFundMe account in Gee’s name, without her knowing about it.

“Do not donate money to any gofundme with my name on it,” wrote Gee on her facebook page. “Someone is trying to take money from this community using my unfortunate illness! My heart is broken. Do not use my hard work or name to swindle the large heart of this community!!”

According to WAVE, “Dawne was not involved in the creation of this page, which has since been taken down. The person who launched the account had good intentions but eventually apologized and acknowledged the potential for confusion.”