Glenn ‘Hurricane’ Schwartz No Longer Chief In Philadelphia

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Iconic NBC10 meteorologist is no longer the chief.

Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz is now listed on the station’s site as a a meteorologist.  The chief role has been assigned to meteorologist Tammie Souza, who has been at the station for less than a year.

WCAU did not make a public announcement on-air or online, a spokesperson says instead bios were updated on the station site.

TVSpy got this statement from a station spokesperson today, “Tammie’s bio was updated to chief meteorologist in late June. The title change coincides with her move to the 11PM newscast. Tammie and Glenn, along with Bill Henley, Krystal Klei and Erika Martín, will continue to provide NBC10 viewers with the most accurate First Alert forecasts for their neighborhoods.”

Schwartz is legendary in the Philadelphia news market.  He has been with WCAU over 20 years. In November, he hosted his 20th Annual Long-Range Winter Forecast.

A spokesperson says this move is not a demotion but rather a reflection of Schwartz’s schedule change. He is no longer appearing on the 11pm show.

TVSpy reported when Souza joined the station in January.