Gammons Leaves ESPN for MLB Network

By Andrew Gauthier 

USA Today

Viewers are about to see something that only old-timers have witnessed: ESPN without Peter Gammons on its roster as the veteran analyst moves on to TV and online reporting for MLB Network.

He’s been there since 1989. Gammons, 64, was among the first to make a move–going from print to TV reporting–that became an industry norm. But after covering MLB’s winter meetings, which wrap up Thursday, and writing a Friday farewell column, the backbone of ESPN’s baseball coverage will move to a competitor–the MLB Network.


At MLBN, Gammons will appear on studio shows such as Hot Stove and MLB Tonight. Also, Gammons will join the regional New England Sports Network as a studio analyst and reporter. Those outlets landing Gammons is an example of what ESPN has to worry about: While it’s nearly impossible to imagine anybody else creating a sports media giant that could challenge ESPN head-on, niche channels like MLBN could eat away at ESPN.

For ESPN, even with its platoon of baseball reporters, Gammons had the demanding role of being the instant authority More…