From Huh? to Hilarious: A Roundup of How Morning Teams Celebrated Halloween

By Kevin Eck 

Countless anchors across the country got into the spirit of Halloween by dressing up in kooky costumes and camping it up. The winners in the broadcasting version of the Halloween Parade continues to be the viewers who witnessed everything from awkward concepts to small moments that were genuinely funny.

The unofficial TVSpy award for the cattiest and most likely to be viewed by the Human Resources department went to Oklahoma City CBS affiliate KWTV. (video above) Anchor Bobbie Miller dressed like Tammy Payne, while Payne dressed like Miller in what came off as a thinly veiled excuse for them to take potshots at each other.

While the two were busy insulting one another, co-anchor Stan Miller scored the sexist remark of the day when he said “I want you to met Bobbie Miller.” He then patted “Miller’s” baby bump and said “Bucking for another 12 weeks off!”


Fake Bobbie Miller summed up the segment after taking a few shots across her bow by telling fake Tammy Payne, “We’re not going to be friends when this show’s over, are we?”

UPDATE: Philadelphia FOX owned station WTXF did its own Halloween version of “The Wendy Williams Show” with Sheinelle Jones starring as Wendy Williams, Jennaphr Frederick as Taylor Swift, Chris Murphy and Karen Hepp as the royal Will and Kate with a stand-in Prince George and best of all Mike Jerrick as a hairy-legged reality TV star Big Ang from VH1’s “Mob Wives.” Click here to view the video.

Chicago CW affiliate WGN had the folks at JibJab make their very own customized version of the dance sensation no longer rocking the nation, “I Will Survive.” Click here to view.

The only oddity in the odd video? Weatherman Jim Ramsey starred as a female mummy complete with lady-mummy humps.

Charleston-Huntington, WV, ABC affiliate WCHS went with the classic skeleton routine. Meteorologist Doug Harlow alternated between having himself keyed out (except for his hand) while holding a skeleton that looked like it was stolen from the local high school science department and sitting the skeleton in his seat at the anchor desk with an off set voice-over.

He was joined at the green screen by anchor Patrick McMurtry who set up the gag. Harlow then worked the skeleton like a puppet to make it kind of appear like the skeleton was delivering the forecast.

KXRM, the Colorado Springs FOX affiliate’s morning show went with a musical theme. Meteorologist Justin Chambers and anchor Kimberly Price dressed as Sonny and Cher Bono. Though Chambers had more of a “Sergeant Pepper” vibe happening with his satin frock.

The genuinely and oddly funny moment came when the two were visited by morning traffic reporter Brittany Baker who was dressed as Ylvis’ Fox who, as we all know, says nothing but “Ring-ding-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding” when he’s not saying “Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!”

WWAY, the Wilmington, NC, ABC affiliate, started off with an update on Mary Lee, a tagged shark that recently visited the areas waters. Meteorologist Tim Buckley dressed in what looked like a shark nightgown half draped on his torso to appear as if he was being eaten by the shark Mary Lee. Anchor Ashley Jacobs dressed as Disney pirate Jack Sparrow and stabbed the shark then begged viewers, “Don’t send me angry emails I’m an animal activist.