Fresno Fox Station Angers Viewers with Instagram Post of Fatal Crash

By Kevin Eck 

Fresno Fox affiliate KMPH is under fire from viewers after posting a video of a fatal accident on Instagram and adding hashtags like #killed, #dead and #fatal and #caughtoncamera.

Instagram users responded to the post by criticizing the station for the insensitive hashtags.

“A woman is now dead after a tow truck driver ran a red light early Wednesday morning in north Fresno,” reads the post. The station removed the hashtag #dead. Now only #fatal #crash #Fresno #towtruck #woman #killed #redlight #caughtoncamera remain


The post also includes a link to a YouTube channel for videos of accidents at the same intersection, which has been called one of the most dangerous intersections in the city.

“What’s with those hashtags? Are you trying to get visitors traffic from someone’s death? Like using ‘dead’…?!? What’s wrong with your Social Media team/manager?” one viewer wrote.

Another viewer added, “A women is dead, and you post this for everyone to see? Her poor family.”

Click here to see the video. We warn you, it is graphic.

FTVLive first reported on this story