Fresno ABC Station Accidentally Gives Away Winner of ‘Dancing with the Stars’

By Andrew Gauthier 

The entire season of “Dancing with the Stars” came down to this: two couples remained and host Tom Bergeron promised to announce the winner live after just one more commercial break.

Viewers in Fresno were on the edge of their seats, but then KFSN went and ruined everything.

Seconds after viewers saw finalist Donald Driver nervously awaiting the results, the ABC O&O aired footage of him triumphantly raising the mirror ball trophy during its 11 p.m. newscast tease.


“The mirror ball trophy lands in the hands of an exceptional dancing duo. Live at 11,” KFSN’s 11 p.m. anchor team told viewers during the tease, while the station ran footage of Driver raising the trophy as confetti fell from the sky.

KFSN issued an apology during the newscast and also posted one on Facebook, where many viewers were voicing their frustration that the station had, in seconds, extinguished a season’s worth of drama.

Here’s the apology, which anchor Liz Harrison read on-air…

Many of you are upset about us showing video of the winners of Dancing with the Stars before the results were announced on the show earlier this evening.

We would be upset too, and we want you to know that this mistake was the result of an error in the editing process. It was completely unintentional and we apologize unreservedly.

We are truly sorry and we hope you will forgive us for this honest mistake.