Frank Somerville is King of Social Media in the SF Market

By Kevin Eck 

Frank Somerville is still king of social media in the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose market.

The KTVU anchor averaged 5,761.2 engagements per post on his social pages. According to Share Rocket data, Somerville only posted 72 times on Facebook during the last 30 days, making him the only individual to rank among the top 18 in the market and post less than 100 times.

After Somerville (8 share), only four people had a share of 0.50 or higher. KGO anchor Kristen Sze showed impressive gains in the last 30 days, raising both her overall share and total engagement by more than 100 percent.


Among stations, Fox-owned KTVU upped its share by 7.9 percent over the last 30 days to extend its overall lead. Its 38.3 share beat ABC-owned KGO second which had a 23.3 share. KRON took third with a 20.3 Share, and NBC-owned KNTV took fourth with a 12.8 share.

KTVU was one of only two stations in the market to increase total engagement from the prior 30 days and also averaged 304.4 engagements per post during the 30 days across all platforms. No other station in the market averaged 195 or more engagements per post. Share Rocket credits Frank Somerville for the high engagement.

Driven by Somerville, KTVU lead all others on Facebook with a 38.9 share as a group. Somerville’s audience of more than 520,000 is the the third-largest page in the market, including main brand pages.

KGO had five of the top 10 individuals on social in the market over the 30 days, followed by KTVU with four, and KRON had one.

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