Fox Business Said to Be Eyeing Lou Dobbs

By Andrew Gauthier 


Lou Dobbs, CNN’s resident pot stirrer, may be the next big name added to the Fox Business Network’s roster. The New York Times’ Brian Stelter suggested as much in a recent article about the growing tension between Fox News and the White House. Stelter reports that Dobbs met with Roger Ailes, the President of Fox News, for dinner in September.

Dobbs, who became CNN’s first chief economic correspondent in the 1980s, is also the founder of CNN’s financial network, CNN fn. In 2001, he became the host of “Lou Dobbs Reporting” and now he serves as the host and managing editor for “Lou Dobbs Tonight.” Over the years, his controversial opinions on illegal immigration, outsourcing, and most recently, the “birther” movement, have drawn intense criticism. He has been called a xenophobe and a conspiracy theorist, and a “Drop Dobbs” campaign launched in September.

If Dobbs joins Fox Business, he will be the third high-profile figure in as many months to be wooed by the two-year-old network. Rutgers’ favorite radio host Don Imus debuted on FBN in early October, and former ABC News anchor John Stossel, who found his network’s restrictions “frustrating,” announced he would be joining in September. With hosts like these, FBN seems poised to become a haven for outspoken personalities whose views are deemed too risky by other media outlets.