Fort Myers News Director Going After Competitor on Twitter … Again

By Kevin Eck 

Darrel Lieze-Adams, news director for NBC affiliate WBBH and ABC affiliate WZVN in Fort Myers, Fla. is going after a competitor again on twitter.

Using the Twitter hashtag #tellthetruth, one of Lieze-Adam’s tweets shows a collection of radar dishes on a tower and asks what is missing? We wrote about it when he did the same thing last year. His claim is that competitor CBS affiliate WINK is exaggerating when it says it has live doppler radar.

Last year’s tweet about the same subject with the same picture:

Now he’s going after WINK’s use of a drone.

“We typically ignore competitors social media comments,” a WINK spokesperson told TVSpy. “Our focus is delivering the best news to Southwest Florida viewers.”

We asked also asked Lieze-Adams about it. We’ll update when we hear back.

Last year Lieze-Adams also claimed WINK was copying his station.

About the same time his news director was going after WINK, WZVN chief meteorologist John Patrick questioned the CBS affiliate’s claim that it is Southwest Florida’s Most Accurate Forecast and posted about it on Facebook.