Former WACH Anchor Not Happy About Station Hiring Beauty Queen as Anchor

By Kevin Eck 

Mike Woolfolk, a former anchor for Columbia, SC, FOX affiliate WACH, had some things to say about his old station’s hiring of a former beauty queen with no formal journalism experience.

Woolfolk, who was an anchor at WACH from 1996 until 2010, wrote a response to an article in local weekly paper Free Times titled “The Camera Loves Her” which talks about the station hiring Bree Boyce as co-anchor of the 10:00 p.m. news.

“I was astounded when I first heard of this move by WACH-TV, my former employer, and I remain astounded to this day,” Woolfolk said on his blog.

“Students, forget about all that crap your college professors and other professionals who visited your classes told you about “paying your dues” or “having to cut your teeth in Podunkville, USA” before you get the chance to anchor a newscast in a place like Columbia, or better.  Don’t worry about learning the craft or gaining experience.  Just go out and do something that garners you major attention because those are the people television station general managers favor for anchor slots— one of the most high profile and significantly important jobs in the newsroom– over formally trained and experienced journalists.”

However, the Free-Times provides a counterpoint to Woolfolk’s argument:

It’s a bold move by WACH, the local Fox Broadcasting Company affiliate. Evening newscasts, particularly the anchor seats, are typically reserved for veteran broadcasters. But it makes sense for WACH to make an aggressive play: The local TV market has been dominated for more than a half-century by WIS-10, so there is little to lose in trying to shake things up.

Boyce gained notoriety for losing more than 100 pounds in her successful quest to be crowned Miss South Carolina in 2011.

You can read the entire piece from Woolfolk by clicking hereClick here to read the Free Times article.

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