Former Texas Reporter Accused of Stalking Boss

By Kevin Eck 

Former KZTV reporter Gabriel Robert Caggiano has been charged with the federal crime of stalking.

WOAI Radio reports Caggiano is accused of stalking and harassing the Corpus Christi, Texas CBS affiliate’s former station manager and news director Hollis Grizzard and his wife Marise McDermott, after he was fired in 2008. Grizzard was news director of KZTV from November 2006 until December 2009, he now lives and works in San Antonio. McDermott is president and CEO of The Witte Museum in San Antonio, Texas.

The voice mails began in March of this year, according to Thompson’s affidavit, when Caggiano called Grizzard and left a voice mail in which he claimed that Grizzard ‘will die.’


By June, Caggiano was calling McDermott, once threatening to ‘send a couple of guys in time to come and say hello to you at the Witte or to your home’ and ‘don’t think I won’t come to your house,’ adding ‘I lost a family, I lost all my money and five years of my career due to your husband.’