Former ‘SNL’ Star Accuses WTVF of ‘Brainwashing Viewers’

By Andrew Gauthier 

Former “Saturday Night Live” star, and current conservative activist, Victoria Jackson is accusing WTVF of brainwashing its viewers after the station edited down an interview with her for a report that aired this week.

A WTVF videographer recently spent time with Jackson as she investigated the construction of a new Islamic center just outside of Nashville. In an open letter posted on, Jackson voices her disapproval with the report that WTVF eventually aired.

“You are purposefully editing out facts and truth from the news so that by ‘deceit by omission’ you can brainwash your thousands of viewers into ignorance,” Jackson writes. “You are the same as the rest of the media.”

Apparently, Jackson is upset that WTVF did not include assertions she made about Islam in the interview, such as “Islam’s goal is world wide dominance” and “The Muslim Brotherhood now has access to all of our country’s top secrets.”

She’s also upset that WTVF decided not to mention that she had auditioned for “The Talk” as the show’s “token conservative.”

“For 20 minutes I told you facts about Islam,” Jackson writes in her open letter, “and all you put on the air at 10 pm last night was a horrible picture, some ‘ditz’ references, and a video of ‘controversial’ me tromping around with a sensationalized edited voice over.”

Here’s WTVF’s report…

Jackson’s open letter is here.