Fired Rochester Weatherman Petitioning for New Job

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Former WHEC weatherman Jeremy Kappell is still searching for a job.

And now he’s asking for help on social media to help him land one. Kappell wants everyone to sign a petition to get him hired at WROC, the Nexstar station in Rochester. According to the petition, the position was just posted.

Jack Allen is the organizer of the petition and more than 7,800 people have signed it.


This purpose of this petition is to inform WROC-TV and Nexstar Media Group of how many people support Jeremy Kappell and wish to see him take on the role.

Jeremy Kappell was wrongfully terminated from WHEC-TV in January 2019 after experiencing an on-air linguistics error. Without being given the chance to explain himself, he was also publicly defamed by station management. Since his termination, many viewers have stopped watching and station ratings have declined. Over 67,000 signatures were collected requesting that WHEC-TV give him his job back.

Kappell said after months of prayers, calls and applications his career is still on hold.

He was fired after using a racial slur when saying Martin Luther King Jr. on air.