Former Oregon Anchor Wants to Change How Corporations Look at Pot Use

By Kevin Eck 

Cyd Maurer is trying to change the way corporations look at marijuana use.

Maurer said she was fired in late May from her job as an anchor at ABC affiliate KEZI in Eugene, Oregon because she smokes pot. She said she showed up to work “completely sober.” But, while driving to a live shot, she said she hit a car, was then asked to pee into a cup and was later fired.

Maurer says she is tired of hiding her drug use and wants to start a conversation about the drug.


“It’s time to stop the hypocrisy,” she writes on her website. “If you’re okay with alcohol, there’s absolutely no reason you should have a problem with my marijuana use.

She has a website called Let’s Talk About Weed.

It’s time to break down the negative social stigmas, the laws, and the misguided policies that are forcing people to choose alcohol over marijuana. Because driving people toward drinking is dangerous, it’s hypocritical and it just doesn’t make sense.