Former Local Meteorologist Says New Directors Tell Forecasters ‘Make it Sound a Little More Juicy’

By Guest Post 

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CNN meteorologist Chad Myers touched off a debate about weather forecasting today when he said local news directors often tell meteorologists to hype a storm to get viewers to tune in.

In a live report during Reliable Sources, as Myers was driving around New York City covering the blizzard, Brian Stelter asked: “Is there a different dynamic for a national broadcaster than a local one?”

Myers said: “I’ve worked at many local stations. I’ve worked in Columbus, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; Oklahoma City, and news directors will always say, ‘Hey, bump up your numbers a little bit, make it sound a little more juicy.’ We don’t do that at CNN because we don’t have to, because would have to bump up everything.”

He continued: “Now. Yes, there are places across the country, that say ‘make this sound a little bit better.’ But clearly we don’t do it nationally.”

NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen questioned the comment on Twitter, which got other meteorologists to chime in:

This story, by Chris Ariens, first appeared on TVNewser.