Former KXAS Reporter Says Media Bias Is Reason He’s Running for Congress

By Andrew Gauthier 

Former KXAS reporter Grant Stinchfield says a major reason he’s now running for Congress is because he got tired of dealing with bias in the media.

A conservative Republican, Stinchfield left KXAS last spring and announced his run for Congress in August. In a recent interview with WFSB‘s Dennis House, Stinchfield said that he became fed up with the bias he confronted working as a reporter so he decided to pursue a position in which he could confront problems head-on.

“I firmly believe the left is leading us down the wrong path,” Stinchfield told House. “I believe in freedom, liberty, entrepreneurship–those are things I would have loved to have touted as a reporter. Now I have free reign.”

Stinchfield, who worked at WVIT in Hartford before moving to Dallas, says that the news media not only has a problem with political bias but with what he calls “advertiser bias.”

In the interview, Stinchfield recounted an incident from 2009 when he wanted to investigate a tip he received about the recently bailed out General Motors buying a million dollar suite at Cowboys stadium. According Stinchfield, the general manager at KXAS instructed him not to pursue the story for fear of rocking the boat with a major advertiser.

Here’s video of the interview:

[Via The Hartfordite]