Former KVUE Anchor Talks About Living Close to Scene of Dallas Shootings

By Kevin Eck 

Former KVUE anchor Tyler Sieswerda was about four blocks away from the scene of the shootings in Dallas last night.

He told the Austin ABC affiliate at first he was amazed at how peaceful the protest march was as they walked past his apartment in downtown Dallas. He then realized the police escorting the marchers were later in the line of fire.

“You just shake your head,” Sieswerda told KVUE reporter Tony Plohetski. “And you say, how could it happen? Why does it happen? And how can we keep this from happening again? We parachute into places when stuff like this happens, but I’m living here blocks away and it’s horrendous.”


Sieswerda left KVUE in late May to live with his partner CBS News correspondent Manuel Bojorquez.