Former KTXL Web Producer Can’t Stay Out of Jail While Appealing Conviction

By Kevin Eck 

Matthew Keys will have to start serving his sentence while he appeals his conviction in the Tribune hacking case.

Keys, who worked at Tribune’s Sacramento Tribune station KTXL, was sentenced to two years for helping the group Anonymous hack into the Los Angeles Times’ website.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals denied Keys’ plea to remain free, reports Politico.


“Appellant has not shown that the appeal raises a substantial question’ of law or fact that is ‘fairly debatable,’ and that ‘if that substantial question is determined favorably to defendant on appeal, that decision is likely to result in reversal or an order for a new trial of all counts on which imprisonment has been imposed,’ or a sentence that does not include a term of imprisonment, or a reduced sentence to a term of imprisonment less than the total of the time already served plus the expected duration of the appeal process,” the order issued by judges Mary Schroeder and Richard Paez said.