Former Indianapolis Anchor Files to Run for Mayor of Zionsville

By Kevin Eck 

Former WTHR anchor John Stehr has filed to run for mayor of Zionsville, Ind., as a Republican.

Stehr retired from the Indianapolis NBC affiliate after working there for more than 27 years. He announced his candidacy in October. On Wednesday, he filed official his candidate paperwork with the Boone County Clerk.

According to Indianapolis ABC affiliate WRTV, Stehr said his journalism background provides the knowledge of leadership needed to succeed as mayor.


“Over the course of my career in journalism, I learned something about local leaders,” said Stehr. “The good ones identify their goals and then build a consensus to achieve them. It makes sense. You really can’t get anywhere if you don’t know where you’re headed.”

“Since I launched my campaign for mayor, back in October of 2022, I’ve looked forward to officially filing for the nomination,” said Stehr. “I’ve already knocked on over 1,300 doors in our town. Every day, when I talk with my Zionsville neighbors, they make it clear that it is time for new leadership in our town hall.”

After his retirement from WTHR, Stehr has served as a member of the Zionsville Parks Board.