Former Employee Charged with Vandalizing Santa Maria Station

By Kevin Eck 

Pablo Quiroz, a former employee of Univision affiliate KPMR, has been charged with commercial burglary and felony vandalism after allegedly breaking into the Santa Maria station and breaking stuff.

Santa Barbara ABC affiliate KEYT reports employees at the Santa Maria station came to work on Monday morning and saw “windows blown out and smashed vehicles.” When the cops searched the building, they found Quiroz inside.


Quiroz allegedly vandalized computers and work stations. Investigators said that the suspect broke into a vehicle registered to Entravision, and used it to ram a second vehicle in the parking lot also registered to Entravision.

The total estimate of damage is not known. No other details of the arrest have been released.

A Twitter account belonging to Quiroz, was discovered in the popular social media platform, which appears to show night pictures of KPMR damaged vehicles, electronics, and offices.

Here are a couple of the many tweets Quiorz sent that night.

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