Former Boston Meteorologist Mish Michaels Dies

By Kevin Eck 

Former Boston meteorologist and science reporter Mish Michaels has died.

During her career, Michaels worked at CBS owned station WBZWHDH and later WGBH.

“It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of our beloved Mish Michaels,” the family’s spokeswoman stated in a Facebook post. “Our family is devastated by her loss. She was a devoted mother, wife, daughter, auntie, friend and stellar equestrian, as well as an award-winning broadcast meteorologist and environmental reporter.”


“Mish had the ability to brighten up every room she entered. Her professional success was monumental, but so was her commitment to helping others through her philanthropic work,” the statement said. “We are asking that our family’s privacy be respected during this difficult time. Thank you for your love and support. Funeral arrangements will be announced.”

Michaels started her career at WMUR in New Hampshire before moving to WHDH in Boston. She then worked at The Weather Channel and later, WBZ. She was let go from Boston public station WGBH as the station’s science reporter in 2017 for her anti-vaccinations beliefs and possible views on climate change.

WBZ released a statement saying in part, “We are incredibly sad to report the loss of a member of our WBZ family. [Mish Michaels] who was part of our weather team for 7 years, has passed away.”

“In a field dominated by men for decades, Mish was determined to pave the way for women meteorologists, not just here in Boston, but throughout the country,” said WBZ executive weather producer Terry Eliasen. “And she did just that. Mish was, in a word, brilliant. She was the most prepared, diligent and dedicated meteorologist that I have ever worked with. She elevated and inspired those around her. Mish could have done anything she wanted. She could have been a leader in just about any industry. The fact that she chose meteorology was not by chance; I believe it was meant to be.”