Former Baseball Star Manny Ramirez Lashes Out at Reporters Following Domestic Violence Arrest

By Andrew Gauthier 

Following his release from jail on Tuesday with a domestic violence charge, former baseball star Manny Ramirez got in an altercation with two local reporters, trying to rip the microphones from their hands as they attempted to interview him (video above).

The incident occurred as Ramirez was about to be driven away from the Broward County Jail by his sister. The former World Series MVP was genial with reporters as he walked away from the jail, even putting his arm around WFOR reporter Kara Kostanich at one point. But his demeanor changed once he got into his sister’s SUV.

The group of local reporters that had walked alongside him to the car shifted to the driver’s side of the vehicle after Ramirez shut his passenger door. Kostanich and a reporter from WTVJ stuck their microphones through the driver’s side window, trying to get a comment from Ramirez. At which point Ramirez reached over and grabbed the WTVJ mic and threw it out the window and then tried to wrestle Kostanich’s mic away from her but was unsuccessful.

According to WFOR, the altercation left Kostanich with some bruises on her arm.

Here’s video from WFOR…

And more from TMZ…