Former Anchor Vies for Wisconsin Government Post

By Andrew Gauthier 


She’s still a familiar face more than five years after she left Channel 12’s anchor desk, and if Rebecca Kleefisch has her way, she’ll become much more familiar to Wisconsin voters, when they pick a lieutenant governor this November.

Over that period off-camera, Kleefisch, 34, has become more comfortable about openly expressing her conservative opinions. Her husband, Joel, already made the transition from TV news. He’s a Republican member of the Wisconsin Assembly.


“I’ve always been a political junkie,” she told me in an evening phone conversation earlier this week, after she got her two daughters to bed.

“When I left Channel 12, it was truly for the reason of being a stay-at-home mom,” she said.

She has since eased back into freelance marketing work, and plunged into social media More…