Former Anchor Turned Senator Introduces Bill to Protect Local Journalism

By Kevin Eck 

Former local news anchor and Illinois State Sen. Steve Stadelman has written a bill that looks to protect journalism in smaller cities and communities.

“As a former journalist and news anchor, I know how important it is to have access to truly local news,” said Stadelman. “People deserve to know what’s happening in their communities, regardless of where they live.”

Stadelmen’s bill, SB 134, would create a Local Journalism Task Force representing print, broadcast, journalism schools, and state and local government. The task force would study and recommend “how to preserve and restore news coverage” in areas underserved by local journalism.


“Your address should not dictate the quality and type of information you have access to,” Stadelman said. “This measure is meant to start a conversation and provide new ideas to help address shrinking press coverage in our communities.”

Stadelman was elected the state senate in 2012 after 25 years as an anchor and reporter for WTVO in Rockford, Ill.