For First Time Since July, Fox’s Garrett Interviews Obama

By Andrew Gauthier 


In what many are touting as an end to the feud between the White House and Fox News, President Obama sat down with Fox’s White House Correspondent Major Garrett on Wednesday. The interview, which will air on Wednesday evening during “Special Report with Bret Baier,” was part of a mini junket in Beijing that also included Chuck Todd of NBC, Chip Reid of CBS, and Ed Henry of CNN.

According to the Associated Press, ABC’s Jake Tapper ceded his spot because he was able to interview the President earlier–there is no word on whether Garrett’s inclusion had anything to do with this move. In October, Tapper defended Garrett amidst the White House’s media assault on the veracity of Fox News’ reporting. During a brief round of questions, Tapper pressed White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on the matter, saying that the administration made a “pretty sweeping declaration.”


In his first interview with the President since July, Garrett spent much of the time questioning Obama on the status of Guantanamo. Admitting that the January deadline for the close of the detainment center had slipped, Obama said, “I’m not disappointed, I knew this was going to be hard.” He continued, “I just think as usual in Washington things move slower than I anticipated.”