Florida Sheriff Vents About Local Stations on Facebook

By Kevin Eck 

Lee County, Fla., Sheriff Mike Scott says Fort Myers-based Waterman Broadcasting stations WBBH (NBC) and WZVN (ABC) nearly compromised what he’s calling a “major heroin” bust.

Scott wrote on the Department’s Facebook page that Waterman “refused our requests to scrap their story about techniques used in undercover surveillance.”

Scott blamed what he called “some new to town Reporter.”


“While the Reporters were fixing their hair and applying make-up to look their best before facing a camera, the cops were securing their ballistic body armor and tactical weapons to preserve their lives before facing grave danger or worse.”

Scott says this isn’t the first time he’s had trouble with the stations.

“It seems their unquenchable thirst to be first overrides their common sense and courtesy with regard to the integrity of investigations and the safety of law enforcement officers,” Scott wrote. “I suppose the News Directors make the ultimate decision to not cooperate with us, leaving me to wonder if they would interfere so recklessly were it one of their loved ones murdered, or if the major drug dealer lived on their street.”

We asked WBBH for comment but haven’t heard back. We’ll update when we hear back.

While TVSpy can’t confirm it, tipsters tell us a story about surveillance cameras disguised as electrical boxes on telephone poles is the one in question. Click here to view.