Florida Child Services Investigating West Palm Beach TV Couple

By Kevin Eck 

WPTV investigative reporter Katie LaGrone and husband WPBF anchor Paul LaGrone are being investigated by the Florida Department of Children and Families after “neighbors reported that one of the couple’s two children was routinely left alone to roam the streets.” reports Gossip Extra.

A neighbor of the LaGrones who asked to remain anonymous said someone tipped off DCF that the LaGrones allegedly leave their child unattended.

The tip spelled out how Jacob, their 6-year-old, is often seen running around the gated community alone.

The DCF tipsters also said the child’s been nearly hit by cars and is known to ask adult residents to play with him.

A representative for the Department of Children and Families confirmed with TVSpy an investigation was open and wouldn’t provide details.

“We were completely blindsided by this,” Katie LaGrone told TVSpy. “We allow our son to play outside like any normal, healthy and active child. He has parameters he must stay within and abides by those parameters.  We are fully cooperating with DCF and look forward to this matter being over.”

She also said the couple was grateful for the support of their stations and neighbors.

LaGrone sent us a statement from GM Lloyd Bucher, which read, “Katie LaGrone has been an investigative journalist at WPTV for five years.  We know her to be an outstanding reporter and a wonderful mother who is dedicated to her family.  We stand by her 100%.”