Fight Erupts Outside Balloon Boy Home

By Andrew Gauthier 


The Heenes aren’t the only ones cracking under the media pressure set off by the Balloon Boy hoax. Now it appears that the crush of media coverage has started to get to members of the Heene’s neighborhood in Fort Collins, Colorado.

On Monday afternoon, a fight broke out when a neighborhood man, who was trying to navigate a road cluttered with news vans, got into a confrontation with a crew from Denver’s Fox affiliate KDVR. As is to be expected, the confrontation and eventual wrestling match was all caught on tape. The footage shows a bald, tattooed man, who has not yet been identified, arguing with Jon Bowman, a reporter for KDVR, and saying, “I don’t like you guys. You’re endangering my safety.” The man then chases Byron Stewart, a KDVR photojournalist, around the Fox van. At this point, another unidentified man, wearing a yellow t-shirt, runs up and jumps on the angry neighbor’s back.


Reports indicate that the second man is also a member of the neighborhood and not affiliated with any news outlet. Several photographers surrounded the skirmish between the two neighbors and at one point a man is heard saying, “Stop the cameras. We’re winning.”

After punches were thrown, members of the crowd moved in and broke up the fight. (Video here).