Female Austin Sports Anchor Addresses Appearance to Avoid ‘Backlash’

By Kevin Eck 

Emily Giangreco, the sports anchor for Austin, Texas ABC affiliate KVUE, has gone viral for posting a video of her sports segment in which she tells viewers why she hasn’t done her hair and makeup.

“I realize it’s my job to bring you guys the sports right now, and I promise I’m going to do that,” Giangreco told viewers in the video. “But first I need to acknowledge what’s happening because I, like many of you, am struggling.”

Giangreco told GMA that she had gone days without power and water in a pandemic. Last week, extreme weather caused widespread power outages and water shortages throughout Texas.


Nonetheless, Giangreco felt compelled to address her appearance because she’s a female sports reporter.

“As women,” she said “I do feel like our flaws are immediately pointed out as soon as anyone sees one and I felt, deep down, if I didn’t address, ‘Hey, I look this way, and this is why,’ I would have probably gotten a lot of backlash.”