FCC Sets Starting Bids for Stations in Reverse Incentive Auction

By Kevin Eck 

The FCC released the opening bid prices for TV stations eligible to participate in the upcoming reverse incentive auction.

From the FCC website:

“The reverse auction is where broadcasters will bid to voluntarily relinquish spectrum rights in exchange for a portion of the proceeds from the forward auction.


According to the FCC, the most valuable airwaves belong to New York CBS-owned station WCBS which is valued at $900 million. Across the country in Los Angeles, the most valuable affiliated station is KNBC which clocks in at a little over $605 million. Non affiliated KCVR is valued at over $628 million.

“For potential Incentive Auction participants, today is a watershed moment,” said FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. “For all practical purposes, we’ve fired the starting gun: the release of final opening bid prices – combined with the detailed application procedures and other data released yesterday – provides broadcasters with all of the information they need to decide whether to apply to participate in the auction. Stations that miss the December 18th deadline will not be able to participate in this historic auction. Commission staff stand ready to educate and assist applicants as they prepare.”