Family Speaks Out on Televised Suicide: ‘That shouldn’t have been the way … to learn about my brother’s death’

By Merrill Knox 

The family of the man who killed himself live on Fox News Friday afternoon is speaking out, criticizing the network during two local interviews in Phoenix.

Jodon Romero led police on a high-speed car chase in Phoenix for nearly an hour before exiting his vehicle and shooting himself in the head. Fox News, which had been carrying the chase on a delay during “Studio B with Shepard Smith,” accidentally aired the suicide after the control room failed to cut away in time.


“That shouldn’t have been the way that any of us had to learn about my brother’s death,” Nature Romero told Phoenix NBC affiliate KPNX (video above).  “Life gets hard sometimes and people handle things differently. That doesn’t make him a bad person.”

Nature Romero also spoke with Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV (video below).

Fox News issued a lengthy apology immediately after airing the incident. The network also released a statement, saying the mistake was “the result of severe human error and we apologize for what viewers ultimately saw on the screen.”

[via Poynter]