Family Looks to Fort Myers Station for Help Escaping Hurricane Ian Floodwaters

By Kevin Eck 

Hurricane Ian is wreaking havoc on southwest Florida, and on Wednesday, Fort Myers NBC affiliate WBBH aired a dramatic attempt to help a family caught in Fort Myers Beach get to safety from rising floodwaters.

“You need to be ready to get on top of the roof and grab something to help you float,” anchor Kellie Burns told the family who was on the phone with the station, while meteorologist Rob Duns let them know about the track of the storm.

WBBH reporter Kyla Galer tweeted someone’s recording of the exchange off of a TV and said the call dropped before anyone could see if the family got out safely.


“Our @NBC2 team is live on air trying to help a family trapped in Fort Myers Beach,” wrote Galer. “Water is up to the second floor and quickly rising. Unfortunately the call dropped before they got to a safe location. GET TO HIGHER GROUND. WE ARE NOT EVEN AT THE PEAK OF STORM SURGE.”

Here’s a tweet of the interaction below:

As an added note, Waterman owned stations WBBH and ABC affiliate WZVN have teamed up to cover the storm.