Facebook Scammer Using Photos of Dallas Anchor to Catfish Women

By Kevin Eck 

WFAA anchor Ron Corning had a warning for viewers this morning about a Facebook scammer who tried using the anchor’s pictures to romance women and steal their money.

The man, who went by the name of Robert Williams, was found out after he asked a Wichita, Kan., woman for a thousand dollars. The woman’s daughter did a reverse Google image search and found out the man’s pictures were actually pictures of Corning.

The woman’s daughter contacted Corning. Corning told Facebook and Facebook killed the man’s page.


“I, at first, thought this guy, Robert Williams, if that’s even his name, how stupid he is to use the photos of somebody who is a semi-public figure,” said Corning on-air this morning. “At the same time I thought maybe I’m the stupid one for thinking that immune to it because I’m a public figure.”

Here’s the story about the Kansas woman from KWCH.