FAA OKs Las Vegas Company to Fly News Drones

By Kevin Eck 

ArrowData became one of the first commercial operations in the country to get the OK from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly drones for newsgathering.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports, ArrowData is in negotiations with a local station to use the drone for what it’s calling “aerojournalism.”

“Helping news stations of all sizes with the ability to have aerial video is a game changer. No longer is the capability reserved for just the big stations” said ArrowData vp James Fleitz.


One of ArrowData’s pilots, Bill Wilson, had to cancel a planned drone test with local CBS affiliate KLAS in January because of FAA restrictions.

At the time, news director Ron Comings told TVSpy, “If we are eventually permitted to use these UAV’s, we’ll decide on the company and equipment we want – no decisions yet.”