Evan Dawson Leaves WHAM for Radio Job, Takes ‘User’s Guide’ With Him

By Kevin Eck 

wham_dawson_ggodbyeWHAM anchor and reporter Evan Dawson is jumping to radio for his own talk show on public radio station WXXI beginning Monday.

Dawson, who anchored for the Rochester ABC affiliate for six years, will host “Connections with Evan Dawson” on WXXI from Noon to 2:00 p.m. weekdays.

Dawson’s WHAM colleagues Norma Holland and Jennifer Johnson put together a user’s manual of sorts for Dawson’s radio colleagues.


1. Do not be alarmed by the roof-rattling, throat-clearing sounds he makes in the morning. It will happen often and, yes, you will be shocked every time you hear it.
2. His ‘five o’clock shadow’ takes only minutes to appear. You can almost see his beard grow.
3. Pay attention to his socks. They are more fun than you’d expect.
4. His ‘to-do’ lists are longer than any you’ll ever see. He actually includes things he’s already done so he feels a sense of accomplishment!
5. He loves pomegranates. A lot.
6. Think he shies away from talking about his receding hairline? Think again. His balding jokes will cause fits of laughter. “My hairline is doing the moonwalk across my skull…”
7. He is very generous and will make coffee runs. He will sometimes pick up baked goods for you. Just don’t be surprised if said baked goods have a few bites missing.
8. His glasses are often very dirty yet, somehow, he never sees it.
9. He has an unnatural obsession with singer Michael McDonald.
10. Loves music (see: unnatural obsession with Michael McDonald) and was once in a band comprised of 13WHAM employees called “Made By Hand”.
11. He’s ‘kind of a big deal’ in the wine writing world… but never toots his own horn. Ever.
12. He’s not prone to sentimentality but gushes about his wife and son in a way that’s adorable.
13. Is even-handed and among the best friends you could ever make. Enjoy him!