ESPN Fires Hundley as Phillips Enters Sex Rehab

By Andrew Gauthier 

The Daily News

Fired ESPN analyst Steve Phillips fled into sex addiction rehab Monday as the network canned the vengeful young paramour who exposed their affair.

Phillips entered an undisclosed rehab center for treatment a day after he was sacked for the dalliance – but his agent insisted the timing was a coincidence.

“This was planned in advance. It has nothing to do with him getting fired,” agent Steve Lefkowitz said. “He’s trying to save his marriage.”

Brooke Hundley, whose sordid three-night stand with Phillips wrecked his marriage and both their careers, was fired yesterday.

“Brooke Hundley is no longer working here,” said ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz.

The Ithaca College graduate had worked as an ESPN production assistant for remote games since September 2008.

After the affair ended in July, the 22-year-old Hundley stalked Phillips’ son on Facebook and taunted his wife with calls and a tawdry letter. More…