ESPN Demonstrates New Hologram Technology

By Andrew Gauthier 

Broadcasting & Cable

ESPN is working on virtual set technology that allows anchors or players in distant locations to appear as holograms on-screen. The cable sports giant plans to start using the technology on-air in the spring.

To demonstrate the virtual technology at a media briefing on its Bristol, Ct. campus, ESPN assembled longtime anchor Chris Berman and EVP of technology Chuck Pagano in a conference room, seated some eight feet apart, with a series of large HD displays behind them. Then longtime anchor Bob Ley magically appeared, seated on a chair between them, in hologram form on the TV screens.

“This is just an example of the cutting edge technology that will save us so much money on airfare for the World Cup,” quipped Ley, who will host ESPN’s coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup from South Africa. More…