Duluth Anchors Accused of Faking Outdoor Set During Holiday Parade

By Kevin Eck 

Barbara Reyelts, Kevin Jacobsen and Michelle Lee got all bundled up to host this year’s live airing of the Christmas City of the North parade on KBJR last Friday night.

While temperatures dipped into the teens for the parade, the three Duluth, MN, NBC affiliate anchors looked ready for the cold in their winter jackets in the studio in front of a greenscreen.

It took radio station Mix 108 to point out the discrepancies in the shot.

What was funny is that they were wearing jackets, as if we didn’t notice the few times they referenced ”going back outside” or the lack of their breath showing in the cold air. And as a couple of people on Facebook commented, none of the three were wearing hats or gloves.

Barbara Reyelts, who is also news director for the station told TVSpy, “Two of our anchors opened the parade standing outdoors and pitched to our anchor on the inside set. Our anchors were then in and out during the parade.”

A quick check of TVeyes proved Reyelts right. Though we can’t confirm whether the trio reminded viewers throughout the night.

Reyelts added, “In hindsight we should have taken the time to take the jackets off when inside. NEVER did we pretend to be outdoors when indoors and multiple times our anchors told viewers we were indoors. Our original plan was to anchor from our usual outdoor set but that was scrapped at the last minute due to late technical problems.”