Disney to Charge for Online Content

By Andrew Gauthier 

The Hollywood Reporter

Disney plans to offer a broad array of its content, including movies, TV shows and games, online to those willing to pay for it–possibly at a single Web site that requires a subscription, president and CEO Robert Iger said Wednesday.

“The notion of going online at some point as a subscribe-to, robust entertainment experience is pretty attractive to us,” Iger said. “We are developing such an experience.”

But Iger said much more money can be extracted from Web surfers seeking quality content. He noted that consumers spend $5 an hour at theaters to see movies, 75 cents an hour to read books, newspapers and magazines and 50 cents an hour to watch cable and satellite TV, but only 25 cents an hour to surf the Internet.

“There’s plenty of room for people to spend more money on things that they’re doing online,” Iger said. More…