Detroit Reporter Saves Dog From Heat Stroke

By Kevin Eck 

Bosco the dog has WXYZ reporter Kim Craig and her friend to thank for being alive.

Bosco’s owner was walking the dog to his new home in the Detroit heat when Bosco started having trouble breathing, threw up and couldn’t go on. Turns out, Bosco was suffering from heat stroke.


The reporter for the Detroit ABC affiliate called Detroit Dog Rescue who called Oakland Veterinary Referral Services where Bosco was put on oxygen and given an IV. His owner gave him up because she couldn’t keep him in her new home.

Bosco is now being called Roscoe. Rinaldi said one of the many other dogs in their care is already named Bosco, but she wanted this new member of their non-profit rescue to have a new name for his new life.

Bosco’s critical care and recovery is estimated to be several thousand dollars. But with the help of supporters, Detroit Dog Rescue will be able to cover his veterinary costs.

You can follow Roscoe’s progress on Detroit Dog Rescue’s Facebook page.

And if you’d like to donate to his care, you can visit their website at